Bericht in World Highways – Aanleg vliegveld Eindhoven door BAM Infra BV met APEX

A large fleet of asphalt road construction machines has been used at the Eindhoven Airbase in the Netherlands to reconstruct the runway.

Contractor BAM Infra carried out the work to resurface the runway to the tight specifications and tight time frame requirements of the Royal Dutch Airforce.

In all, nine asphalt pavers were employed simultaneously to lay the new runway surface. Running the nine machines in echelon allowed hot-to-hot paving, effectively without a joint in between. Working together the pavers were able to resurface the 30km long runway to a width of 45m within 11 hours.

To achieve this high-production, high-quality project, some 130 trucks were used to supply the 10,500tonnes of asphalt needed for the work. The material was produced in five separate asphalt plants in the Netherlands, which are operated by the contractor. Controlling this complex logistics operation efficiently was crucial to the delivery of the project, with BAM making extensive use of its APEX software for this key task.

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